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Term: 14. - 16. 9. 2018 (for longer term contact us)
Place: WONDER FULL LIFE Centre (map)
Language: english
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There are included all classes, full board and accomodation in the price.

Until the end of September 160 EUR
From 1st October 170 EUR
From 9th October 190 EUR

Price for children from 3 to 15 years is 100 EUR.

About the course

In this course, we will learn together about how to develop our entire human beauty on its all levels. Beautiful skin, body and overall appearance, that´s mainly all about the first level - physical beauty. But in this practical seminar we will go far beyond that level. We will study and learn to develop the beauty of your sences, emotions, mind, social beauty - the beauty of our relationships and also philosophical beauty and last but not least is the highest of all: spiritual beauty.

During the weekend, Bob Carr and Katerina Kyselova will guide you towards achieving all aspects of beauty in you life. With Bob, you will have intersting lectures, light exercise that´s gonna fell so good and also massage sessions, meditations and so on. Katerina will be in charge of the kitchen and will also invite you there during the seminar to teach you some cooking for beauty! And of course, what belongs to beauty is smiling, or laughing and singing and dancing! We will do that all together!

7 Levels of Beauty

1st Level - physical beauty
Healthy skin, clear and bright eyes, shiny and strong hair, strong bones and teeth and purity of the inside of our body, that all and much more belongs to the psysical beauty.

2nd Level - sensual beauty
Fresh breath and odor of your body, purity of our taste and perfect eye-sight.

3th Level - emotional beauty
We know how to direct our emotions, how to express them freely when it´s approproate and how to have control over them naturally, when there is time, when we need to focus on something else.

4th level - the beauty of our mind
Do you know how to think in a beautiful way? That´s the very begining of all levels of beauty. In all times very important, very needed, because it all starts in our mind, in our thoughts. Let´s all learn to think in such a way that we can that create beauty around us. We can create beautiful us, beautiful world.

5th level - social beauty
Social beauty is basically all about our reletionships. On this level we will find also family beauty, which we can cultivate through having sincere relationships, which will give us energy back. If there is harmony in you family, you´re looking forward to return home each time, because you know, that wou will find the warmth of your sweet home, where you can refill your energy, your power.

6th level - philosophical beauty
That´s the beauty of the wisdom we are collecting our whole life. That´s why youngters will find you interesting when you are older :)

7th level - supreme spiritual beauty
About this supreme level of beauty we will talk more during our seminar.

How to get all those levels of beauty into your life?

All these aspects of beauty we will learn to develop and cultivate during this seminar. Each level will be discussed in depth with Bob during lectures and other classes. But you are also going to excercice, learn some techniques from DO-IN and shiatsu, so also massage one another, have cooking classes and laugh, dance and sing!


How to elevate beauty?

With Katerina, we will elevate our beauty thanks to beautiful food, which we will prepare also together during 4 cooking classes! You will learn some basic and some advanced techniques of food preparation in macrobiotic quality.

Makrobiotické jídlo

Men welcome too!

Beauty of a women can represent elegancy, gentleness, care, sensitivity, empathy, tenderness. But in the case of men there are things of beauty too! What about: firm posture, decisive mind, healthy self-confidence? There is beauty needed in men and women, in both. So that´s why we cordialy welcome all men too!

Where is the course held?

This course is held in the beautiful nature of Teplicko-Adršpašské skály in the Woder Full Life Center.

Adress: Horni 57, Teplice nad Metují, 54957 (see the map).

Accomodation: 2-4 beds rooms, the Wonder Full Life Center is built from all-natural materials: wood, clay walls, wooden floors, without chemical painting.

Centrum Wonder Full Life

Around the center there is cosy and beautiful background, permaculture garden, playground for children but also adults, beautiful nature and much more to be discovered.

Centrum Wonderfull Life

For registration and more information write to: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

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